Julian Boilen

Hi, I’m Julian.

I’m a senior full stack software engineer in NYC with a love of design.
I want to create software that’s elegant inside and out.

I’m currently at Stripe, and before that I was at Squarespace.

Various Projects

1940s.nyc: Street View of 1940s New York City

In 2018, the NYC Municipal Archives released digitized photos of every building in New York City circa 1940. I placed these photos on a map, building a street view of 1940s New York City. See it. (2020)

BFAMFAPhD Census Report

In collaboration with a statistician and an NYC artists' collective studying the value of art school, I developed an interactive data visualization of US Census data about artists in the United States. It was exhibited on a wall-mounted iPad for 3 months in the Museum of Arts and Design’s NYC Makers biennial. I presented with the collective at the Brooklyn Museum to accompany the show Crossing Brooklyn. See it. (2014)

WTC Timelapses

I shot some timelapses of sunrises and sunsets from my office window in the World Trade Center. Watch (2021)

Squarespace Billing

At Squarespace, my team and I architected and built a highly intricate event-sourced custom subscription billing system to accurately bill customers for Squarespace's many products while maintaining a long history of millions of customers in an interminable number of states. It produces accurate data for revenue recognition as well as enables Squarespace to bill in multiple currencies, through different payment processors, in coordination with third party resellers, and with flexible pricing and discount structures. (2018)

Posthumans Podcast

I produced “Posthumans”, a one-season podcast on Posthumanism in collaboration with a posthumanist philosopher and field-leading guests. Listen (2020)

Takoma Radio, WOWD-LP 94.3 FM

I helped launch and grow a low-power FM community radio station in Takoma Park, MD/DC with a custom web components to browse and listen to show archive recordings and playlists and view an up-to-date programming schedule. This involves a completely custom schedule component to support WOWD's unique alternating programming schedule. See the code. (2018)

Realtime Bus Screen

I created and maintain a display showing real-time bus arrival predictions for an apartment building lobby in Silver Spring, MD using adapted open source software and a Raspberry Pi. (2015)

Also, I love wandering NYC, shooting film, electing Democrats, grid systems, and grey.